The 7 Evolving Technologies Changing the Future of Digital Marketing

Since the onset of digital marketing back in the 1990s, it has shaken the entire globe while dominating the world of the internet including other online-based digital technologies. In just a short period, the term digital marketing has victoriously surfaced in the virtual world by reaching the masses. In the year 2008, digital marketing has started growing in India at a fast-pace. During the period 1990 to 2000, it has drastically changed the way brands and businesses perceive the online world.

Today, the concept of digital marketing has become an integral part of every small business owner to large enterprises plan or marketing strategy. In today’s online world, it is hard for companies to survive without implementing digital marketing techniques. From SEO, SMO, Email marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, the business houses are actively uplifting the position of their brand. Besides, smart brands are partnering with a top digital marketing agency to catch up with new digital marketing trends and rising technologies.

Here is the refreshing list of the latest technologies and trends that will shape the future of digital marketing in 2021 & beyond.

7 New Emerging Technologies You Can’t Ignore This Year


Voice search has already become one of the popular trends globally with the introduction of voice-based devices like Alexa and Google home. The end-user has gracefully accepted the voice search gadgets to get relevant answers to their queries. In the coming years, the voice search will create a massive boom by providing the customers with pieces of information they’re looking for in a matter of seconds. 

Since more than 71% of customers are actively taking advantage of voice instead of typing, businesses must leap ahead by optimizing voice-based queries. This latest trend will become a game-changer by discarding the usage of long-keywords and irrelevant conversations.


Video marketing is another leading platform used by millions of notable brands to showcase their product or services more interestingly. A popular video platform like Youtube has dramatically changed the way potential users look into videos. The digital experts say, “video marketing industry is expected to grow to a whopping &14.89 million and even more in the next few years. “Due to this on-going popularity, the clients are inclined more towards engaging videos rather than plain photos.

This year 2021, video marketing will give more freedom to the brands by offering. Them captivating product videos by influencing their purchasing power. As the competition is getting neck-to-neck, the brands must think out of the box by outsourcing the SEO agency in India. That helps them creating interesting DIY (Do It Yourself) videos and catchy founders’ stories.


In the last few years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has explicitly exploded in every domain and stage of business. Due to the influx of AI, this essential digital marketing tool can productively manage, enhance, communicate as well as analyze complex customer data with ease. Also, the discovery of AI allowing the new or existing businesses to level up their customer service.

The AI chatbot is expected to expand significantly by 53% in the coming years. Businesses should upgrade AI-powered chatbots to flourishingly run. Their websites, messaging apps, and customer support tools on all of their digital channels. 


Here comes another trend with breakthrough technology typically known as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Make your communication effective, realistic, and effortless with your prospects. The amalgamation of both technologies will outperform creatively by allowing worldwide customers to interact with your products intuitively.


Just like AI, RPA/ Robotic Proces Automation is impeccable technology helping companies to improve accuracy, increase productivity and reshape the marketing efforts positively. Leveraging the RPA in any department of the organizations or industries like insurance, healthcare, government agencies, etc. It can increase the companies productivity drive best-in-class results consistently.


Since the introduction of blockchain technology back in 2009, this massive technology has transformed every organization and brand fiercely. Speaking of blockchain technology, it is the simplest way or ingenious method of transferring useful information from one user to another in a safe and system-encrypted manner. Unlike any other mainstream technology, blockchain is a one-of-a-kind technology. That can perfectly align or blend with other digital marketing techniques wisely. 

Using blockchain technology will help companies to create fraud-free transactions between businesses and end-users. The companies placing ads and websites will run flawlessly. Besides, this technology will reduce the cost of digital advertising as well as marketing.


This promising technology Internet of Things (IoT) is paving the path for success for digital marketing. Professionally speaking, IoT is not a concept. It is a network of physical devices such as smartphones, computers, smart home appliances, etc. connected through the secure medium known as the internet. 

In this challenging digital era, IoT is helping brands to create, gather and manage customer data to get more refined marketing insights. Using the power of IoT, businesses can exchange data in bulk safely, enhance customer service and drive massive market growth successfully.

As we have entered the new 2021 era, it is time for businesses whether small or large to rethink, reimplement, and reanalyze their existing strategies by adding value through new digital marketing trends and erupting technologies. The year 2020 has unapologetically changed every individual. The economy as well as disrupt businesses’ life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this, brands are looking forward to bring a change. And getting ready to modify their existing strategy to cope up with this new drastic change across the world.

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