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If statistics have to be believed, active internet users normally use four to five different Social Media Web Page Design Strategy platforms to express their views, opinions, and feelings openly in the online world. In today’s digitally advanced world, more than 3.81 billion users are making good use of various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Due to this massive growing popularity, it gives a great opportunity for influential brands to push themselves by innovating. Optimized social media app in the virtual world. As the global population interacts more with social networking sites due to COVID-19 restrictions. Web page design company owners are now interested in developing mobile-friendly websites and social apps to stand out in this complex digital landscape.

Now, business owners need to create solid marketing strategies by outsourcing leading web page development companies like Agio Support- cost-effectively offers quality website designing services equipped with the right features, elements as well as cool features. If you are looking to build high-performance social media applications just like Youtube or Snapchat. So you must incorporate some of the trending features to give the most memorable experience to the potential customers around the world.



To thrive in the dynamic digital world, here are some of the mind-blowing Social Media Web Page Design Strategy you must include in 2021 & beyond:

DMs (Direct Messaging)

Direct messaging is the must-have feature that every business should add to their social media apps. The leading social media platform Snapchat has already garnered a lot of users’ attention by adding more value to their apps by using this cool feature. This is the trending feature that allows the prospective app user to share relevant messages, photos, videos, and other valuable content with other users with ease.


Live Video Streaming

This particular feature doesn’t need any introduction that is famously known as live video streaming. The biggest social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and now Youtube have triumphantly increased the millions of followers or fans by using this fabulous feature. With the introduction of live video streaming, it has taken the world of social media by storm allowed the companies to promote their products or services effectively, exchange relevant ideas and engage with the prospects directly via live streaming. 


Multi-language Support

It has become one of the benefits of the online ecosystem to reach global audiences irrespective of the language they speak. The multi-language support gives the advantage to the leading brands by effortlessly able to understand and speak different native languages via apps to build trust. Choosing the right web page design company can help you do extensive market research to know your audience closely. The landing web page design company is offering social media marketing services to almost every business domain to reap the maximum benefits and by adding more meaningful features. 


AR and Exciting Face Filters

Funny filters are another exciting feature that has to be included in your next social media apps. Adding entertaining face filters can captivate the attention of the user for a longer period. These filters are mostly seen in popular apps like Instagram or Snapchat. If you want to create a long-lasting impression in the user’s mind, then don’t’ forget to add filters to your apps.


Dark Mode

The dark mode feature has recently launched on a major social media platform like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. According to digital marketers, the dark mode comes with a multitude of benefits such as saves mobiles battery, mobile apps looks amazing with a dark background and gives less pain to the users’ eyes. You must consider adding this feature to your mobile app to stay relevant in the competitive market.

Despite the size and shape of your business, you need to build a solid marketing campaign before developing social media apps. This will give you the freedom to select the right feature, new design, and modern technique to continuously engage with the community and not just individuals. 


How Do I Create a Landing Page Without a Website?

Most website owners aim to build an elaborate web page development company filled with interesting stories, wide products, or services, to attract millions of customers. However, it sometimes becomes daunting for the where to start with. In case, you’re looking to create perfect landing pages without a website, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Define your goals smartly to stay consistent.
  • Create visual hierarchy systematically to make them stand out.
  • Generate action with your CTA (Call-To-Action) to give a solid starting point.
  • Use captivating designs to surprise your audiences and niche.
  • Write killer copy to gain new visitors on regular basis.
  • Choose the right tone, element, and concept for your images to make a visual impact.
  • Use proven templates that can customize your business effortlessly.
  • Incorporate highly visuals like embedded videos on your page to maximize conversions.


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Thus, get in touch with Agio to create high-quality social media apps depending on your needs and budget!

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