Social Customer Service And Reputation Management Guide

Social Customer Service And Reputation Management Guide

Social media reputation management should be iterated routinely for every website. For your business, it is the process of monitoring, tracking and casting away all the negative entities or objects that pose a threat to your company’s reputation. It is the way of building a strong bond and trust between you and your customers. 

Social Media Reputation Management

Online reputation management can result in better credibility and accountability of your brand only if deployed properly. It is not something that can be taken for granted. Most companies would limit their customer review with the reviews websites only. It is not just the case. Studies show that social media platforms are preferred more these days.

Paid Media – It is one way of grabbing the attention of your target audience. An agency would be putting in efforts to visualize your website. That will be done through PPC Marketing using various tools such as Google Adwords. PPC agencies would drive traffic to your website by influencing through external websites and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Earned Media – Only the companies that have worked far more exceedingly than their competitors and build a strong reputation all by themselves are able to get earned media. You never need to pay to these media channels as they do all the marketing efforts for you. Earned media is nothing but the bonus point for being one of the best. 

Social MediaSocial media is something that provides a little more window for the opportunists. You just have to establish a good moral outreach to your customers before establishing your company properly. It requires a strong interaction with your customers and followers. 

You must publish fresh content regularly for your customers to keep them engaged and also your posts should be informative, promotional and intriguing to the customers’ eyes.

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Optimizing Social Media Reputation Management

There are a couple of parameters included in the social media reputation management. You should monitor all the aspects very closely and build your website posts and content on the basis of popular research keywords of the users. Sometimes, we look up to the mainstream research keywords and forget about other possible keywords. 

Widen Your Visualization

It is not just enough to check the popular keywords. Do not expect the users to research your product or services through your brand name only. Your ignorance can cost you a lot of business. Users most often research through a specific product name. Similarly, check out the possible misspellings of your brand name. Users could be searching your brand by misspelling your brand name the whole time. So do not miss those opportunities. 

Also, if you have any employee with high-profile, you can keep their name in your research keyword list. Some people research by their name to get to know about your brand. Also, there are popular industry keywords used to stereotypically describe the whole industry. However, some customers might be using this keyword to search your brand as well. Do not miss that type of keywords. 

Latest Social Media Marketing Tools

You might be wondering, how the heck am I supposed to keep track of these keywords !! It is quite obvious that it is not possible for everyone to iterate every possible keyword and manage them efficiently just like that. 

Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. There are plenty of social media marketing tools such as Buffer, HootSuite and Sprout Special Etc. These tools have access to all the social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Etc. 

You can also tag your technical support team, customer support team, marketing team and sales team and keep them in the loop all the time. These tools will provide useful pointers to your teams and could be consequential in the overall development of the business. 

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Make Customer Engagement A Priority

It is the most significant factor of all when it comes to optimizing social media reputation management. Build a team dedicated to address and resolve all the concerns and issues faced by the customers. It is one of the fragile tasks to be carried out. You should listen to the customer carefully and patiently. 

Do not rush into the conclusion so quickly. You can only know about your customers’ concern properly when you try to put yourself into the shoes of your customers. It is an old notion but quite effective. People are getting more inclined towards social media platforms than review websites. 

Studies show that social media platforms have almost replaced the “old school” review websites. Therefore, you can use the same platform to enhance your business. Start by addressing the concerns of your customers and counterfeit them your satisfying answers and intriguing posts. 

Encourage The Users To Post Reviews

You heard that right. It is a healthy way to gain the confidence of your customers. This is the gesture that shows how much you care about resolving your customer’s queries. Link your posts with the reviewing websites and clickable images that would call the action to reach review websites. 

However, some businesses do not prefer to ask their customers to post their reviews or feedback but it should be done. It develops a sense of trustworthiness among the customers. 


There have been a couple of surveys conducted on the effectiveness of social media platforms. It has been found that 58% of the customers tend to share their brand experiences over social media platforms and 72% of the costumes trust these reviews to be authentic and trustworthy. Therefore, every company should start focusing on improving their brand’s social media reputation. 

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