Morning erection

Morning erection: Take full advantage of it!

Waking up with an erect organ is a very common phenomenon when you get a “good morning” from your important organ. Morning erection is a known phenomenon for every guy. An erection usually occurs three to five times a night in a healthy man and lasts for several minutes. An early erection indicates that your male hormone levels and overall health are in good condition.

Who wakes up with a morning erection?

Men of all ages who enjoy good health. Having an upright organ is an indicator of a healthy blood supply to the organ. Have boys aged 6-8 years can have a morning erection experience and occurs equally in men in the 60th to 70th years? The intensity decreases with age and when erectile dysfunction problems occur.

Why does a morning erection occur?

However, experts believe that there are various vital factors.

Hormonal production

During sleep, the male body produces a number of hormones, including male hormones, such as the primary male hormone. It is one of the primary hormones that helps a man ignite libido. As the average level of the male hormone in the blood is the highest, it can cause a morning erection. As men age, levels of these hormones decrease, leading to a reduced frequency of early erections. 

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During the day, the brain releases norepinephrine – a hormone that prevents an erection. When you sleep, the brain releases less of these hormones. This increases the likelihood that the organ will straighten several times during the night. During awakening, the body releases hormones to suppress an erection. It produces a smaller amount during sleep Cortisol – a stress hormone that can negatively affect the immune system as well as the ability to get an erection.

Physical stimulation

Any stimulation of the organ, whether unconscious physical contact with a partner or with a pillow, blanket, can stimulate the organ and cause a morning erection.

How to make the most of an early erection

  • Hormone levels are highest in the morning. If you are looking for a child, thanks to the male hormonal cycle, your reproductive hormones are the highest at this time.
  • It is easier to get and maintain the erection needed for full intercourse.
  • Thanks to the male courtship hormone’s highest level, you have a lot of energy and enough strength in the morning.
  • So on a hormonal level, it’s the best time for love.

Morning Love

  • increases the level of the male reproduction hormone again
  • improves the health of the heart and cardiovascular system
  • reduces the level of stress hormones
  • Through a study, researchers at the University of Cincinnati found that early love was a natural anti-stress remedy, and its effect can last up to seven days.
  • You can skip the exercise. Affinity is a more pleasant alternative to morning training. Researchers confirm that an hour of love burns almost as many calories as a 30-minute jog.
  • Starting an orgasm day will make you a great day and improve your mood use Fildena 100 or Fildena 150.
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When a morning erection can cause a problem

When it is completely missing

If you do not have an erection at night or in the morning for an extended period of time, this may indicate something wrong with the organ blood flow to the some part of body. It signifies a change in health, e.g., heart disease, blocked blood vessels, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, and chronic stress. It is one of the earliest signs of low male sensuality hormones.

If it is painful

The morning erection usually subsides within minutes of waking up. However, if it does not subside after an hour or is painful, you should see a doctor.

Taking medication

Medications can affect the presence of a morning erection. These are mainly painkillers and antidepressants.

If an erection does not occur

If there is a problem getting or maintaining an erection at all, it is an unpleasant experience for any man who is interested in continuing their love life. At present, however, this problem is solvable. You can stimulate libido and improve your erection through traditional herbs and amino acids.

Ground anchor

Supports physical desire and overall performance. It has a positive effect on the normal level of the male sex hormone. Studies show that Ground anchor increases some hormones and can be useful in mild to moderate cases of erectile dysfunction.

Peruvian maca

Helps maintain physical activity and not only that. Studies show that it improves fertility, increases libido, strengthens immunity, and you will find other reasons to include Maca Peruvian in your diet.

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It has a positive effect on the body’s blood supply, including the genitals, thus contributing to a firm erection. These ingredients are included in the tablets for quality and strong erection of Fildena. This natural aphrodisiac has a beneficial effect on the quality of an erection and love life of men. 

A few interesting things about the organ at the end

  • Even babies can have an erection during development in their mother’s body.
  • Smoking can “reduce” your organ length by up to an inch. Have we already convinced you to quit smoking once and for all?
  • Humans are the only popes that do not have bones in the organ.
  • In Iceland, the museum is dedicated exclusively to the organ.
  • In Japan, there is an annual festival dedicated to the organ and fertility.

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