5 Reasons Why HTML is Still the Future of Web Development

We are living in the age of digital transformation where nothing is stable. In this fast and constantly changing digital world, it is becoming challenging for every business and especially web developers to stay relevant and competitive with these gradual digital shifts. However, there are still some web technologies making a positive long-lasting impact in the area of web development. In this 21st century, HTML is one of the most widely used powerful web technologies that have laid a foundation on the web. Today, HTML has become the backbone of various business websites with excellent functionality and efficient web pages. In the field of web development, many influential brands are vigorously taking advantage of HTML development company to make their website responsive as well as user-friendly.

The recent reports by the digital experts have revealed that“HTML is the future of web development where the web developer will go beyond the traditional approach while helping the businesses to evolve in no time”.

To stay relevant in the dynamic world, the organizations have to pave the path for success by innovating with the new versions as well as updated versions of HTML.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned some reasons why HTML is still the future of the web development area:

HTML: Is it Getting Outdated or Still Impacting the Brands?

As mentioned above, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the backbone of the web. It is one of the highly- productive standard markup languages that build solid high-performance websites error-free.

More than 91 percent of the websites today are based on HTML. Notable brands like Youtube, Baidu, Facebook, etc. have built a customized website using this powerful web technology. 

Based on your needs, preferences, and budget, a skilled web developer can provide you with exceptional websites. Let us take you through some of the advantages of embracing HTML:

  1. With the help of HTML, you can effortlessly create custom landing pages that help you drive quality traffic with specific messaging. 
  2. Unlike many other complex web languages, HTML is one of the easiest, simple to learn, and adaptable programming languages that creates exceptional web pages for your website.
  3. From simple to complicated websites, HTML aims to deliver appealing websites based on particular themes and layout without disrupting the content in any way.
  4. In this challenging industry, HTML is referred to as the beast that provides an elegant, cleaner as a well simple coding system including dynamic interactive options.
  5. One of the main benefits of using HTML is mobile-friendliness. With the growing popularity of mobile users around the world, HTML offers mobile-ready websites compatible with all mobile devices and supported by every browser.

For a smart business owner, getting a customer-centric website is a necessity. It is mandatory for them to create a strong base for their website at the beginning of the process. Outsourcing an HTML development company is a good option to conquer the technological field and challenge the future.

HTML5 and HTML6: The Promising Future of Web Development

Over the last decade, HTML is the only language that has brought an incredible revolution by impacting every business.

From 1993 to 2000, HTML has changed a lot by introducing different versions again and again. Each and every updated version of HTML represent standardized improvements with more efficient results, more flexibility, and more uniformity.

Here is the list of different version of HTML used by digital marketers over the years:

  • The Original Version of HTML 1.0
  • HTML 2.0 
  • HTML 3.0
  • WILBUR (HTML 3.2)
  • HTML 4.0 (COUGAR)
  • HTML 5 (New Web Standard)

Based on all the versions, HTML 5 is becoming increasingly popular all over the internet and widely accepted by modern browsers. As the digital world is progressing day by day, the revised and improved version of HTML i.e; HTML 5 and HTML 6 will become the two-game changes in the upcoming years.

These two highly advanced web technologies will provide a multitude of benefits to both web developers and website owners.

It is time for businesses of whatever shape and size to get on with the future by harnessing the power of modern web development technologies to make the user experience memorable.

How is HTML used in Web development?

This is how you can use HTML in web development professionally:

  • Plan your layout accordingly
  • Start with the basic code to start any website
  • Create the surprising elements/section in your layout 
  • Fill in some HTML content
  • Focus on adding some basic layout CSS
  • Add more relevant and specific styles to make the website look good
  • Add the finishing touches using the right colors and backgrounds

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