Benefits of An E-card And Things To Know About It

Living far away from your family? Want to send them greetings? Well, that’s what the Benefits of an E-card exists for…

In this blog, we will discuss all the pertinent information which you need to know on an E-card.

An electronic card or E-card is the digital form of a greeting card. It is a special occasion, greeting, or postcard which is internally customized within the website and then sent via the internet to the desired recipient.

The benefits of an E-card can be customized in multiple ways such as altering and adding images to the background and multiple types of text fonts at once, including cursive writing, graphic images, cartoon-style animation videos, and music also.

It is known by multiple names also such as Ecard, i-card, cyber greeting card, or digital greeting card.

An E-card serves the purpose of bringing two people together and keeps the harmony in their relationship intact. It is mostly used by people when they are missing their loved ones but are unable to meet them.

And since the Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in the lives of people, by having left them being unable to meet their loved ones.

So in these tough times, people are sending their love to each other through e-cards. 

Before the pandemic, people used to give greeting cards to each other but always led to an environmental concern. Because if people use more and more greeting cards, then more trees would have to be cut to make them.

On the other hand, an e-card is completely environment friendly, as it is a digital version of the greeting card and only requires internet, so that you can send it to your desired recipient.

Things You Must Know About E-cards

Timing is a really important factor

When you are going to send an e-card to your loved one, then you must make sure that you send it to them on the right occasion and at the right time. This will make the recipient feel important and loved.

Also in certain cases, when you are sending an e-card, sometimes the transactions may fail. So keep an eye on the delivery status of your e-card and make sure that it reaches them on time.

When your desired recipient will receive the -card on time. Then he/she will value their relationship with you and thus keep the feeling of mutual respect completely intact.

You must have the right address of the recipient

You may send a Benefits of an E-card to the wrong address and thus waste your money because you may not get a refund for that e-card. Though certain companies have a refund policy. Thus you must read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing an E-card.

So when you are sending an e-card to your loved one, always concisely check that you put his/her right digital address (e-mail address). So that the concerned person, successfully receives the e-card.

When your loved will receive that e-card, then they will be happy to know that they hold importance in your life.

Always follow up after sending an e-card

You may send an e-card to someone you want and it may not be received by them. This seems like an odd scenario but it is a highly possible one. 

So when you are sending an e-card, make sure to use the best technology, which is used by most e-card senders. This will ensure that your e-card is successfully delivered to your loved one. 

So before sending an e-card, call the concerned person and ask them for the most active email address. This will ensure that you send the e-card to him on time, at the right address, and most importantly. They will know that they have received an e-card from you.

Benefits of an E-card


If you decide to send a traditional greeting card to your loved ones. Then you should also ready to bear a certain amount of expense, which gets eliminated when you send an e-card.

As a physical greeting card is costly and you will be required to pay the postal charges. So that you can send it to your loved one. But on the other hand, if you send an e-card, you will find that it comes at a lesser price than the traditional greeting card.

Also, there are no postal charges involved in sending an e-card, as you can just send it online to the email address of your desired recipient.

Environment Friendly

An e-card does not require any use of paper as it is completely digital. But a traditional greeting puts leads to environmental concerns, as trees are cut for making them.

You would only be required to purchase an e-card online and then send it to whom you want. Thus there is no kind of harm to the environment.

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