6 Major Mistakes to Avoid when Designing Ecommerce Websites

No matter how easy it seems, designing and developing an eCommerce website, in actuality, is quite challenging. While most entrepreneurs take the burden off their heads by seeking third party assistance, you can try doing things on your own as well. Simply remember not to commit the below-mentioned mistakes, or fix them immediately. Please check them out right now.

Lack of Product Information

When you visit a brick-and-mortar store, you get to pick an item, look at it from varied angles, feel it, and read the data given on the packaging label. Shopping online eliminates this interaction. Ecommerce sites can compensate for this by providing as much product information as possible. Materials used, size, weight, and dimension, consider leaving nothing.

Hiding Contact Details

The top-notch professionals offering quality web design services said consumers wish to know everything about the company they are dealing. If your website does not have contact details (name, address, phone number, and email ID), or hides them, the customers are less likely to trust and depend on you. Place the contact information on an accessible place of every page.

Inadequate Search Engine

In case customers know what they are looking for, it will be better for them to go to a search engine that scanning categories and filters. You must make the search feature of the website efficient and add features that refine the results a tad bit more. Ecommerce search engines are completely based on keywords.

Single Product Image

Sometimes providing multiple images is mandatory as the customer want to get more information about the product. For example, an image of the product in each colour and from the side, back, and front. If you can upload shots of special features, there is a high chance that the customers will make a purchase. Five or six images of the product is sufficient.

Confusing Navigation

The competent experts carrying out custom ecommerce development India said there is nothing worse than finding a product on a website with confusing navigation. Or even worse, finding a product on an online platform that does not use categories to separate its merchandise. Think about the navigational elements carefully prior to putting the products in a catalogue.

Forgetting to Include Shipping Rates

There is no good reason not to include the shipping rates correctly. Consumers admitted cancelling orders because they got a message like, “We will email you the accurate shipping quote for approval before processing the order.” Most well-established sites have in-built widgets and plugins through which the customers can figure out shipping charges without any help.

Apart from the ones stated above, a huge mistake that lots of entrepreneurs make when building an eCommerce website is not offering enough payment options. Invest in a service that accepts major credit cards, if possible, with an electronic check. Incorporating a PayPal checkout will expand the customer base to a great extent. Remember, the more payment solutions, the more the number of orders you get.

Hope the discussion above was insightful and will help you to have better understanding. In case of any suggestion or query, please feel free to share with us below in the comment section.


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