The Importance, Impacts & Implications of 5G (Fifth-Generation Wireless) on Digital Marketing Industry

Over the last decade, the world has witnessed much cellular technology generation like 1G, 2G, 3G, and now 4G. This impeccable technology has not only brought massive transformation but almost changed or transformed every aspect of our life. From Media, Entertainment to Marketing, the leading cellular technologies have evolved gigantically. It is helping us understand the value of connecting with the world with ease. 5G Technology is another fascinating technology that is now becoming the new digital reality.


After years of speculations, 5G technology is finally happening to bring a massive revolution in every field.  the digital world will be greatly, effectively, and positively influenced by the 5G technology for all the good reasons.

We will look at the importance, impact as well as implications of 5G technology on the digital marketing industry.


What is 5G?

Before we proceed further, let us give you a brief about 5G. 

5G stands for the fifth generation of wireless mobile communication technology. It’s is said to come up up with ultra-high speed, a high-level degree of connectivity, and lower power consumption. The emergence of 5G will offer new marketing opportunities to every small or big brand.


The main focus of 5G is to reduce the latency to four milliseconds.  It aims to establish a real-time relationship or communication between the people and the other related connected devices. Having said that, 5G is the only remarkable technology that can be fully integrated by other leading technology such as:

  • Blockchain technology
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Drones
  • Robotics
  • Wireless factories, and a lot more

This amalgamation of 5G will offer an immersive, interactive as well as undisputable experience that no one has imagined before.


Keeping in mind that 5G is not just meant for mobile devices only. It is the next level of technology that brings a movement to industries everywhere around the world.


In this age of transformation and advancement, 5G has the potential to bring a revolution and change the way we interact and use technology today.


The Importance of 5G in the Field of Digital Marketing

The fifth-generation wireless is said to fundamentally change overall customer behaviors and open up a plethora of opportunities for many companies and digital marketers alike. Unlike any other technology, 5g will roar like a lion as it is 10 times faster than the 4G and with much more potential. As everything is connected digitally, global marketers need to understand both the values as well and importance of 5G. Having said that, let us take you through some of the key benefits of using 5G technology in the digital industry.


  • Improve user experience

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can create a mesmerizing experience for millions of users similar to shopping in a physical store. Thanks to the higher speed and lower latency of 5G, your customers can use VR and AR technologies to “walk” in your online shop and view products from different angles. Perhaps they can even try on new clothes live and feel their texture or visually observe the size, color, and placement of a piece of furniture in their own home. You could also create a virtual person who can interact with customers like a salesperson in a physical store. This would to some extent solve the problem of customers who cannot fully imagine and understand the actual product, as well as those who are not sure which product is best for them. 


In addition, 5G technology enables artificial intelligence to access customer information faster and more reliably, and with 5G data transfer speeds, artificial intelligence can help you conduct e-commerce activities better. You can upload your basic information to a navigation platform via AI. When the customer browses a list of restaurants on an e-commerce platform, the AI ​​assistant can recommend the best based on the customer’s location and personal preferences, and then take a convenient map trip to guide them. The ability to tailor results to customer data can significantly increase customer satisfaction.

  • Enhance security and connectivity

Although 5G does not automatically rid of the shortcoming that its predecessors still carry with them. Keeping in mind these vulnerabilities, 5G is coming up with stricter standards. In addition, measures are already being taken to protect and secure information sent over 5G networks. Just a few examples are the use of artificial intelligence to anticipate and repel cyberattacks, enforce the encryption of information, and encrypt the IoT correctly. Thanks to the power of  5G has helped many e-commerce platforms create virtual identities for their customers and businesses all over the internet. In the upcoming 5G era, e-commerce platforms will have new network security guarantees and their customers will be able to transact over a relatively secure, stable, and reliable network with ease.


  • Fewer delays and more productivity

With 4G we have seen a delay of 10 ms, which has now been improved to 1 ms with 5G. As the 5G is now getting ready, we will be able to witness a new change that allows us to send and receive data in real-time while eliminating the second delay observed with video calls over an internet connection. We can also watch videos stored in the cloud immediately.


  • Video advertising will become bigger and better

The usage of video advertising in the US alone is expected to nearly double or eventually triple this year. And that goes for 4G connections, which rarely reach download speeds of 1 GB per second. As the speeds of the 5G mobile internet increase, buffer and page load times will drop dramatically, leading to an even bigger increase in mobile video consumption. With high-definition and top-quality videos, it is easier for the viewers to watch on 5G. Consumers will likely be more open to video ads as long as they are relevant. 


To seize this opportunity, marketers must plan to increase video production for very specific audience segments and improve customer experience.


  • Advertising and marketing will become the next big thing

When ad load times are almost instantaneous on all devices, marketers can use highly creative and interactive ads to enhance their campaigns and engage consumers. Interactive ads no longer affect website performance, hence making websites easier to navigate. But the impact of 5G on interactive displays will not only affect desktop and mobile device displays. With data on who is nearby, movie and product locations, as well as TV spots on different devices can change in real-time depending on who is watching and how they’re feeling. 


Just as the rollout of 4G has massively and positively affected the services like Uber and Lyft, 5G will be or possibly the new hope that will catalyst for a new wave of tech giants.


The Impact of 5G Technology

In a 5G world, marketing is based entirely on data where you share your message with specific people, not the crowd. These days we only see digital advertisements on our tablets, websites, and sometimes on the screens in shopping malls, but with the advent of 5G technology, wireless internet is becoming faster and more prevalent even in remote areas of the country. Also, at high network speeds, the graphics and images in each display become more detailed. 


To get high-quality ads on screens in more places, certain advertisers can also experiment with virtual reality advertising. This is possible for people wearing special AR lenses or AR cameras can see pop-up ads anywhere.

It would also allow businesses to collect more data when compared to previous versions of cellular networks


That means that when you connect to the internet in the near future, you are likely to have fewer delays.


It will be exciting to see what new 5G inventions will emerge. It will also be a time for marketers to watch out for this 2021 marketing trend.


What could be the implications of 5G on the digital marketing industry?

There are three different ways 5G will transform the digital marketing industry:

  • First, 5G will enable high-speed, high-capacity connectivity and accelerate the consumption of rich media ads, including video ads.
  • Second, we will see new media (communication channels to connect consumers) emerging from promoting the use of the IoT. 
  • Third, there will be more emphasis on the use of dynamic ads that use real-time data.

As 5G enables high-speed, high-capacity connectivity, more advertisers will use rich creatives, especially video ads, rich media ads, virtual reality, and augmented reality, in their marketing.


The second way 5G will greatly affect the digital marketing industry is for the technology to spawn new media. We will hopefully begin to see digital advertisements through other types of “objects (media)” than PCs and smartphones.


Final Thoughts

We just learned what 5G is and how the technology will affect the digital marketing industry. The high speed, high capacity, and multiple simultaneous 5G connections will offer more creative expressions to the users globally. Along with this, the 5G technology will use more diverse data than ever to serve personalized ads. 


Now, Media companies and advertisers must look for ways to use 5G technology in their businesses.


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